The name day of Ivan and Nicholas: congratulations Angela

Day angel 2019 Ivan and Nikolai get the best greetings in verse and prose

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Именины Ивана и Николая: поздравления с днем ангела

The name day of Ivan and Nicholas

Today, April 24, Ivana and Nicholas celebrating their angel’s day and will be happy to accept from us the kindest, sincere, touching, positive and funny greetings birthday.

The name Ivan means “God’s mercy”. Ivan is characterized by its versatility, cheerfulness, responsiveness, and unpredictability. People with this name many friends, interesting things and talents.

Nicholas means “Victor of the people”. The man wearing the name of a man hard-working, sociable, cheerful and very amorous.

Day angel, Ivan and Ilya, we join in the best wishes and offer you kind, joyful, tender and beautiful, congratulations with the birthday party in verse and prose.

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Beautiful, congratulations to Ivan with a birthday in verse


Vanya, Vanyusha
I’m sending my regards,
Let you warm
The clear sun light.

The bird of happiness in the hands of
Let you are given,
From your smile
Often the heart beats.

Let happy be,
Ivan, your destiny,
Friends rich
And love is generous.

Именины Ивана и Николая: поздравления с днем ангела

Positive congratulations with the name day of Ivan in prose


Ivan, I with all my sincerity I hasten to congratulate you, with such an important day in your interesting, exciting life – the Day an angel! You’re an incredibly bright, positive, kind and sympathetic person. With you easy and comfortable not only in communication, but also in the work. Don’t lose those priceless qualities. You are impressive for their wisdom, erudition and enthusiasm. Today, I would like to wish you not to live in doubt, discard any doubt and enjoy not only your holidays, but also weekdays.

Short SMS greetings birthday Ivan


With birthday, Ivan!
Congratulate me, my friend.
Handsome, slim and blush,
You’re the envy of all around!
Your creed — to win
Your fortress — home.
What can I say?
Be lucky you’re!

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Best wishes to Ivan with a birthday party


Congratulations, Ivan!
Be always on positive wave,
Let them be dispelled boredom in the fog,
Be confident, bold, beautiful!

Beat a hundred of adversity, a hundred ways
Hundred peaks conquer, not intimidated,
So easy to sum up you could:
I am! I can do it! I’ll be able!

Именины Ивана и Николая: поздравления с днем ангела

Happy nameday

The name day of Nicholas: good wishes


Our dear Nicholas,
Troubles and difficulties do not know
Live in the positive
In this troubled world.
Appreciate what not to buy
Life does not stop love.
More meetings for you with friends
Less quarrels and squabbles with your enemies,
More female attention
And universal acceptance.

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Philosophical wishes Day angel Nicholas in prose


Dear Nikolai, I congratulate you heartily and wish I want to proudly and boldly walk through life, to strive for dreams and goals to attain success and great good fortune, to believe in yourself and truly love, cherish zvonchatye and not to lose hopes.

Именины Ивана и Николая: поздравления с днем ангела

Happy angel

Short SMS greetings happy nameday to Nicholas


Nick, Nick, Nicholas,
Congratulations to take!
Wish me luck
And patience to change.

Let them come to you health,
Joy and wealth.
Let my love will find you
And do not know of Schadenfreude!

Best wishes Nicholas day angel in verse


Day angel, honey, love, dear,
Congratulate you, Nicholas dear.
Be happy, healthy and love
Wish you and all your loved ones.

Let the sky will help to fulfill dreams
That will only come up with you.
Saint Nicholas let support on the way.
In life successfully with a smile to go!

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