The name day of Ivan, Paul, Peter, congratulations Angela

In Day Ivan, Paul, Peter 2019 send birthday greetings in verse and prose

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Именины Ивана, Павла, Петра: поздравления с днем ангела

Congratulations Angela

Today, April 19, celebrate their name day Ivan, Paul, Peter. If you have relatives or friends with such names, you can send them a beautiful, kind and sincere congratulations on the day of the angel.

Ivan translated as “grace of God”. Ivana is distinguished for its versatility, cheerfulness, responsiveness, and unpredictability. People with this name many friends, interesting things and talents.

Meaning of the name Paul means “small”, “Junior”. The owner of this name is person flexible, responsive, friendly and moral.

Peter means “stone” or “rock”. Such people are distinguished by strength of character, self-confidence, increased self-esteem and perfectionism.

In day Ivan, Paul, Peter, we join in best wishes and offer you a beautiful, kind and funny birthday greetings in verse and prose.

Именины Ивана, Павла, Петра: поздравления с днем ангела

Happy angel

Beautiful, congratulations name day of Ivan in prose


Ivan, Ivan, Vanya, I heartily congratulate with a birthday party. I wish you a life without worries and problems, perfect health, prosperity, good luck, cheerful mood, vitality and luck. If successful, kindest, most beloved and desired.

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The name day of Ivan: congratulations Angela

Best wishes to Ivan with a birthday in verse


The breadth of the soul of Ivan
For people always wanted.
Plans or ideas
Search or creations.

Take care love, family,
Faithful to keep his.
Your full Cup,
And no life more beautiful.

Short SMS greetings birthday Ivan


You’re a fount of good and the forces
Optimism you volcano
Waterfall of creativity
In General, the class you, Ivan.

Именины Ивана, Павла, Петра: поздравления с днем ангела

Happy angel

Spectacular congratulations to Paul to birthday in verse


Congratulations to you, Pasha,
Let come true your dreams
Pours happiness is a full bowl,
I wish you true love,
A lot of health and luck
Only colored mood
To become you richer
Career waiting for may promotion!

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Birthday of Paul: congratulations Angela

Philosophical wishes for the Day Paul


Our dear, dear Paul!
You always cases nice.
We congratulate you,
With respect and love!

Let health thrives
And Affairs prosper,
The profit is growing every day,
And love is always lucky!

Congratulations to you gently,
If you are always serene,
Happy, happy be,
And don’t forget about us!

Good wishes on the day Angela Paul in prose


Dear Paul, I congratulate you and wish easily overcome any boundary to a worthy and great goal, to live with sincere love in our hearts, to work with endless enthusiasm, fun and is famous for its great success.

Именины Ивана, Павла, Петра: поздравления с днем ангела

The day Peter: cool wishes


The name Peter means “stone”.
You really are a stubborn guy.
Want to be the first and chief,
Remaining sweet, nice!

Let us wish success,
Not find anything interference
To everything I want,
Performed, Peter, for sure!

The most beautiful greetings with the birthday of Peter in verse


Congratulations, Peter, do you accept from us,
Not find in the world we kinder eyes.
A good soul, a heart of gold
Someone else’s trouble does not rest.

You people are not divided into bad, good,
And in any trouble you will always help.
You, Peter, I wish in my life to change,
Good and reliable forever remain.

Let the year pass, rushing round and round,
I thank the fate for a friend.

Birthday to Peter, best wishes in prose


Dear Peter, I congratulate and I wish health and invincible optimism of the soul, confidence in his abilities and activity, great success and unbelievable happiness in life, great fortune, and undoubted love.

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