The name day of Mary and Nicholas: congratulations Angela

Day angel Mary and Nicholas 2019 address the best birthday greetings in verse and prose

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Именины Марии и Николая: поздравления с днем ангела

The name day of Maria and Nicholas

All of Maria, Masha, Masha and Nikolai, and Kolenka today, 17 April, celebrating the day the angel and deservedly receive in your email a good, beautiful and joyful congratulations on the birthday.

The name Mary in the Hebrew means “beloved.” Holders of this name fully correspond to this definition – they are kind, gentle, attractive, and selfless.

Nicholas means “Victor of the people”. The man wearing the name of a man hard-working, sociable, cheerful and very amorous.

Day angel Mary and Nicholas, we join in best wishes and offer you a beautiful, kind, joyful and philosophical birthday greetings in verse and prose.

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Beautiful, congratulations name day of Maria in prose


Cute, charming, lovely Mary, I heartily congratulate you and wish always to live as in a fairy tale, to believe in miracles and feel the happiness in every moment. Masha, may you never fail, but the good mood never leaves.

Short SMS greetings birthday Mary


The name of the fairy Princess,
Proud of our Mary
Everything in the world like it.

Let shines brightly in the sun
Over thy head,
And in the forecast expect
Just smiles and love!

Best wishes, Mary’s name day in verse


Masha, Masha, Maria,
Congratulations take,
With a kind, gentle smile
Each new day meet.

Angel let the ills of shielding
You carefully wing
Holy mother of God
Always keep your house.

Faith gives you strength let,
The light of hope may Shine
And life you, Maria,
Let love never leaves.

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Spectacular congratulations Mary with the birthday prose


Lovely Maria, I congratulate on a holiday! I wish excellent mood, bold decisions, courageous actions, hot feelings and many reasons for joy. Let your eyes burn with interest and inspiration is pushing for great change. Happiness and prosperity!

The name day of Nicholas: cool wishes


Our dear Nicholas,
Troubles and difficulties do not know
Live in the positive
In this troubled world.
Appreciate what not to buy
Life does not stop love.
More meetings for you with friends
Less quarrels and squabbles with your enemies,
More female attention
And universal acceptance.

Philosophical wishes Day angel Nicholas in prose


Kolya, Kolya, my dear Nikolai, I congratulate you, my dear, with a birthday party. I wish to be wise and brave Emperor of your life, dare to strive for the goal and believe in your success and wish every day for the particles to assemble a mosaic of his own happiness, to cherish his love and to enjoy marvelous views of the surrounding world.

Short SMS greetings happy nameday to Nicholas


I wish you, Kollek,
That was a stuffed wallet,
That every organ was healthy
That had no forever enemies
That’s always worked
And helped sometimes.
Let come true what I want.
Good luck, luck Nicholas!

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