The name of the new danger of using smartphones

Названа новая опасность использования смартфонов

The consequence of this process is macular degeneration.

Except for serious violations, the blue light from the screen of a mobile phone can even provoke the loss of vision.

This was announced by scientists at the University of Toledo in the United States, writes the with reference to “RIA Novosti”.

They found that the blue light leads to the formation in the body toxic chemicals – the formation of the twisted shape of retinal is a derivative of vitamin A.

Scholars argue that the inability of the body to cope with this toxic substance leads to the fact that the cell membrane disrupts the function of the phospholipids, i.e., increases calcium levels, after which the cells change form and die.

The consequence of this process is macular degeneration, which impairs visual acuity and gradually leads to blindness.

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