The name of the person who will succeed Andrew Scheer will be known on August 23,

Le nom de la personne qui succédera à Andrew Scheer sera connu le 23 août

It is on Sunday, August 23, that the name of the person who will succeed Andrew Scheer at the head of the conservative Party of Canada will be known.

The organizing committee of the race for the leadership of the party made the announcement Friday. The date of the result of the vote had not been clarified before Friday.

The ballots shall be completed and returned to the party before 17h on Friday, and will be the subject of a count on Saturday and Sunday. The results will be announced live from Ottawa after 18h, Sunday (23 August), on social media and via YouTube.

Four candidates competing for the leadership of the federal conservative Party, is the former federal ministers Peter MacKay and Erin O’toole, Derek Sloan and lawyer-in-toronto Leslyn Lewis. Two of them, Erin O’toole, Derek Sloan, are currently members of the House of commons.

The choice of a successor to Andrew Scheer, who announced last December that he would be leaving his position when a new chief would be appointed, was to be held earlier this year, but plans were changed due to the pandemic of COVID-19. The race to the chiefdom has been suspended for a few weeks this spring, because of the pandemic.

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