The names of all the finalists, super show “Divalign people”

On April 27, the Ukrainians know the name of the winner of the show “Divalign people”

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Стали известны имена всех финалистов супершоу "Дивовижні люди"

The names of all the finalists, super show “Divalign people”

In the final episode of the super show “Divalign people” leading Alexander skichko, which airs on the TV channel “Ukraine”, won a unique, speedcuber that collects the Rubik’s cube in 6 seconds.

20-year-old Alexander Iwanaka of the Dnieper – 67 gold medals in spidkubing. He’s a 20-time champion of Ukraine and won a silver medal at the European championship in solving Rubik’s cube with your eyes closed.

Стали известны имена всех финалистов супершоу "Дивовижні люди"

Finalist show “Divalign people” Alexander Ivanchuk

“Official time, for which I collect the Rubik’s cube is 9 seconds, but the best time recorded at home – 6 seconds. Every night I have a ritual: I turn off the light and under the blanket needs three times to assemble a Rubik’s cube with your eyes closed. If not – then repeat again until 3 times. Without this I will not go to sleep”, – said the participant of the project.

The guy was creative from childhood. With 5 years he studied dance, football, basketball, and scooter. Alexander now on the speed collects the cube as both hands and one left. But that’s not all – he also learned how to assemble a Rubik’s cube with his feet.

Team super show “Divalign people” prepared for Alexander a complicated task. Guy within 4 minutes it was necessary to blindly collect 4 Rubik’s cube in the pool, which is filled with water. He coped well with his test and got the highest scores from the star project experts and the audience. Alexander Ivanchuk became the Victor of the ninth episode of the super show “Divalign people” and next Saturday will fight for the victory in the final project.

“The League of Superhumans assembled! 9 absolutely amazing Ukrainians has bypassed competitors, and in a week we will know the name of the winner, who will receive 200 000 hryvnia,” – says Alexander skichko.

The winner of the super show “Divalign people” chooses the entire country, experts stellar scores not put. The vote is already open. To vote, you must send SMS to number 2909:

  • text 1 for man-sonar Oleg Spa;
  • text 2 – for the woman with a phenomenal memory Natalia Zhidkova;
  • text 3 for multifunctional Andrew Lusaka;
  • text 4 – for the connoisseur of operas Oleg Olive oil;
  • text 5 – for the guy with a unique digital memory Artem Garin;
  • text 6 – “mathematical Schumacher” Vlad Bezginova;
  • 7 – for the artist-Valery ambidekstr Grishanina;
  • text 8 – a boy with a striking tactile memory of nick Babenko;
  • text 9 – for unique speedcuber Alexander Iwanaka.

To vote for your favorite in the period from 20 to 27 April, but no more than 1 times a day. To participate in SMS-voting can the viewers who are subscribers of mobile operators of Ukraine – “Kyivstar”, VODAFONE and lifecell. The cost of one message – 0,94 UAH (the rate is subject to VAT and without PF). The voting rules are available on the website of the TV channel “Ukraine”.

The name of the winner, the audience gave the highest number of votes, will announce the host of the project Oleksandr skychko live the most anticipated events of spring – Grand finale super show “Divalign people” on April 27.

Recall that earlier we talked about the heroine of the project “Divalign people”, which can determine the dance only by the sound of footsteps. Elena Skorenko has supersensitive hearing: she can hear Samba without a sound and with ease identificeret tango in silence.

All the details about super show “Divalign people”, see our video:

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