The NASA headquarters takes the name of its first engineer in afro-american

Le siège de la NASA prend le nom de sa première ingénieure afro-américaine

The NASA headquarters in Washington will be renamed to the name of his first professional afro-american, Mary Jackson, announced on Wednesday the director of the u.s. space agency.

“Mary W. Jackson was part of a group of women very important, that have helped NASA to send american astronauts into space successfully,” said Jim Bridenstine in a press release.

In 1958, Mary Jackson became the first female aeronautical engineer in the black of the space agency. She is the author of numerous studies, particularly on the supersonic flights.

The boss of the space agency is committed to continue to highlight the efforts of women, African-Americans and people of all backgrounds “that have allowed NASA to write a history of explorations successful”.

In the Face of pressure from the street and the social networks, and in a context of historical manifestations, businesses and institutions in the united states are immersed in a wide introspection about the place of the afro-american population in society and the systemic racism which the strike and perpetuates inequality.

Last year, NASA had already renamed the street serving its “headquarters” Hidden Figures Way” (Passage of the Figures of the shadow), in honour of three mathématiciennes black (Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan), whose work, documented in the film The Figures of the shadow, proved invaluable in the conquest of space american.

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