The national elite competes in the France Tirs

The national elite competes in the France Tirs

Some of the winners who stood out last weekend.

Sports-boules athletes were in the spotlight on the weekend of April 13 and 14, in Béziers, with the French shooting championship, at the boules pitch on avenue Jean-Baptiste-Blattes . The national elite, in the senior, female and youth categories, were present for two days.

This discipline combines tradition and high-level competition. It requires rigor, precision, dexterity and physical investment. La Marseillaise, sung by the competitors and those present, opened the awards ceremony. Michelle Arvieu, president of the Entente Bouliste Biterroise, Bernard Daubard, president of the French Sport Boules Federation and Marc Valette, municipal councilor responsible for sports, distributed the medals to the first three in each category. A nice party closed the championship.

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