The national selection for “Eurovision-2020” Sergey Prytula commented on the victory Go_A

The broadcaster said that the victory Go_A was not expected

Valeria Ilchenko

Today, 17:41

The host of national selection on “Eurovision-2020” Sergey Pritula, who accused Tina Karol unfair vote, shared his opinion on the competition, jury members, participants and, in fact, winners. This year Ukraine at the “Eurovision” will present a group Go_A.

According to Sergey Prytula, the victory of the team in the national selection of hard to call the expected. However, the facilitator is convinced that Go_A won with absolute certainty, the soloist of Catherine Pavlenko in their abilities.

Нацотбор на "Евровидение-2020": Сергей Притула высказался относительно победы Go_A

The national selection for “Eurovision-2020”

“Indeed, “dark horse” national selection. The output of the semi-final looked like a natural, winning the finale is quite unexpected. To win, Go-A it was necessary to jump above a head. And they jumped! A modification of visual identity, went into a plus. But the most important is the mood to fight. The band came on stage maximally charged and concentrated. On the monitors in the editorial I’ve seen close-UPS of the face of the soloist. Katya’s eyes was written: “Hello, boys and girls. My name is Katya and I went out to win! And do you I’m not going anywhere!”, – says Sergey.

Prytula also noted that Go_A won the national selection with a fairly large margin, almost 5%. In addition, the presenter shared his opinion regarding the criticism Go_A in the Network.

Find out the details behind the scenes of the final of national selection-2020:

“25,43% of the votes of the audience that evening was given to Go-A clear first place with a good gap from the Hyatt (20,93%) and Cool (19,90%). Win Go-A colleague at the “shop” was perceived differently. Someone cheered, and someone like Taras Poplar, the soloist of group “Antibodies”, were subjected to the victory of the group strongly criticized, accusing the Go-A pseudo-ethnics. And in the lyrics, which are more suitable for North-Eastern neighbor. I think that the problem is “Vanyusha”. Although, if you look good to the content, then the “John” there just in a rather negative light. What caused the next gunfire breaks PU*ANOVA in bear country, rounders and balalaika. In any case, the victory of the Go-A not left anyone indifferent. And that’s great”, – says Sergey Prytula.

Earlier we wrote that Ruslan Kvinta outraged by the words of Taras poplars on Go_A and compared it with “son of the tree.”

All the details in a special topic Eurovision 2020

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Нацотбор на "Евровидение-2020": Сергей Притула высказался относительно победы Go_A

Нацотбор на "Евровидение-2020": Сергей Притула высказался относительно победы Go_A

Нацотбор на "Евровидение-2020": Сергей Притула высказался относительно победы Go_A

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