The national team of Ukraine (U-18) football won the friendly match in Denmark

Збірна України (U-18) з футболу виграла у товариському матчі у Данії

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Ukrainians held the first of two scheduled meetings

On Friday, November 16, the youth team of Ukraine U-18 (players no older than 2001 year of birth) held the first of two friendly matches against Denmark.

By agreement between the two federations, both matches scheduled in Spain, in the town of Curti, informs the official website of the football Federation of Ukraine.

In the first meeting turned out to be stronger Ukrainians. In the starting minutes was observed even game, but the “blue-yellow” has created a moment in the eighth minute: Sickan ran out on a date with the goalkeeper, but failed to score.

On 17 minutes, the Ukrainians took the lead. After a quick attack the right flank Mudrik shot in the penalty area, where Mikhailenko beat defenders and shot into the corner of the goal.

After that, the Danes seized the initiative. On 25 minutes, striker of Denmark, was twice shot from a lethal distance, but his shots were blocked by defenders.

In the second half, the Danish team tried to win, and one of the points in the 55th minute, Sorensen evened the score. But the last word in this game was for the Ukrainians. In the 79th minute of the “blue-yellow” after a corner took the lead again. The ball scored by a head of Jacob.

The Danes still had a chance to bring the game to a draw but in the final minutes of Ukrainians after hitting Sorensen saved Trubin.

19 Nov the wards of Oleg Kuznetsov will hold another match against Denmark.

A friendly football match

Denmark (U-18) – Ukraine (U-18) – 1:2 (0:1)

Goals: Sorensen (55) — Mikhailenko (17), Jacob (79).

Ukraine (starting lineup): Trubin, Jakub, associate, Belovar, bodnia, Mikhailenko, Voloshin, Szulanski, Sickan, Gurov, Yarosh.

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