The neo-romanticism: the main spring the trend of casual images

The main criterion for the choice of dress is a type of your figure and growth

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Неоромантика: главный весенний тренд casual-образов

When choosing dresses fashionistas must consider the nuances of the figure

Patch pockets, military paraphernalia, costumes “from the man’s shoulder”. It seems like everyone’s discussing the new trend, but insiders of the fashion industry in one fashion as opposed to masculinity and military paraphernalia back of neo-romanticism. Gentle flowing MIDI dresses, blouses and skirts made of chiffon and silk are definitely in trend.

How to wear and what to combine them Today.Lifestyle said the designer #LOVEfp Ksenia Karpenko.

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Who goes there?

The main selection criterion is the type of your figure and height.

“For girls with wide hips and narrow waist will fit dress MIDI with a wide belt and the skirt is A-line. This style will remove several sizes in the hips,” says Ksenia.

When you select MIDI dresses girls of low growth it is necessary to pay attention to the length of the hem of the dress should not end at the widest part of the calf. Asymmetric cut, which will be relevant for several seasons in a row, also visually lengthens the silhouette. Exactly like the monochrome – that is, when the whole image is made in the same shade.

Неоромантика: главный весенний тренд casual-образов

Long dress A-line in floral print

For girls with the figure of type “Apple” fit straight cut dress and A-line is the style that visually make you slimmer. The trump card in the style the character will be adding a little bow of organza and chiffon, they are just at the peak of the neo-romanticism. For example, sleeves organza will make the top easier, and the double skirts chiffon you emphasize slender legs.

Неоромантика: главный весенний тренд casual-образов

Ideal dress for fashionistas with a figure of “Apple”

For visual compensation broad shoulders you can also use relevant now fashion trend is asymmetry. It asymmetrical neckline balances shoulders.

Неоромантика: главный весенний тренд casual-образов

A gentle way for girls with a triangular figure

When and where appropriate of neo-romanticism?

Business dress code acceptable dress of flowing fabrics. Important detail: if you choose a bright print, even the style will be modest, as shoes, and accessories your image. If your image in shades of the same color is acceptable more bright shoes.

This season the fashion is print tie-die like canvas fabric spilled paint, and then twisted into a roll. This trend allows you to make print less clearly pronounced, and therefore more neutral. Remember: if you want the negotiations to emphasize its neutralitatea position – choose neutral shades and images in monochrome. Want to insist on choosing print and shades brighter.

Neckline even in business style is acceptable, not to mention casual. Remember: you want to accentuate collarbones, choose a neckline “boat”, if you want to visually make the face more elongated – choose v-neck.

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Restraint is the new sexy. Try the dresses and blouses buttoned all the buttons and observe the effect.

Dress images and denim also will be a long time in fashion. For casual occasions- always and everywhere. For the business of everyday life – depending on the scope of activities, but it is better on Fridays.

In order to visually create a more sophisticated image – open the most delicate parts of the hands and feet. This problem is solved slightly sleeves rolled up, which will give even the formal look of relaxation and ease. And minimalist shoes, with no unnecessary details and wide platform.


Not important color, as its hue. Your trump card is the contrast of appearance. The lower the contrast the more muted shades for you to face. And Vice versa. What to do if you want to wear bright colors? Just apply more black makeup.

Remember, the neo-romanticism is not just the ruffles and flowers, this lightness, fragility and lightness, which is perfectly combined with other styles in clothes and definitely will be relevant for several seasons in a row.

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Неоромантика: главный весенний тренд casual-образов

Неоромантика: главный весенний тренд casual-образов

Неоромантика: главный весенний тренд casual-образов


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