The netherlands: discovery of containers of “torture” used by criminals

Pays-Bas: découverte de conteneurs de « torture » utilisés par des criminels

The Dutch police announced on Tuesday that it had discovered a “prison” that is concealed inside of seven containers in which a was used as a torture chamber, thanks to information intercepted on the telephony system encrypted EncroChat used by the organized crime.

This global communications network has been dismantled, after having been infiltrated, a few days ago by the judicial and police authorities france and the netherlands. More than 800 people have been arrested.

The containers were stored in a warehouse located near Bergen op Zoom (south). One of them was used as a “torture chamber” according to Andy Kraag, the head of unit criminal police in the netherlands.

It was equipped with pruning shears, a saw, scalpels, and clamps, said the Dutch police in a press release.

Qualified as a “treatment room” by criminals in the conversations intercepted, it was also equipped with ” a chair of dentist with straps on the arms and the foot rests “, according to the same source.

The other six containers were used as prison cells in which people could have been attached, ” said Andy Kraag in a video.

Handcuffs were installed in the floor and ceiling, and the walls were soundproofed, and covered with aluminum to ensure that they are not detected using a thermal imaging camera.

All these facilities were intended to ” torture victims or, in any case, to put them under pressure “, stressed the police. She did not give details on the victims, but stated that the abduction had been planned with ” great precision “, and need several teams, weapons, vans and bulletproof vests.

Six people were arrested during this operation.

Drug trafficking, murders, money laundering, extortion, kidnapping… The operation against Encrochat has been conducted in several european countries and has enabled it to intercept and decipher in real time, without their knowledge, over 100 million messages exchanged via EncroChat between criminals across the world.

“It is as if we were at the table of discussion criminals, live “, had summary Jannine van den Berg, head of the Dutch police.

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