The network blasted the video, which depicted the President of Turkmenistan rap

Сеть взорвало видео, на котором запечатлен президент Туркменистана читающий рэп

The past few years, regularly appear in a video in which President of Turkmenistan demonstrates its talents and accomplishments

From time to time, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov appears in public in the way of a successful rider, then, an experienced shooter, a talented musician.

If Berdymukhamedov is at the shooting range always hits right on target. If car races, ahead of professional pilots. If in the race — is a winner even when falling from a horse.

Frankly propaganda character of such videos designed to show Berdimuhamedov as a real leader often turns to mockery and ridicule — at least outside of Turkmenistan, where the videos come thanks to the opposition edition “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”.

The President is not stopping. A couple of weeks ago he acted as designer and collected the SUV in his own drawings, and recently tried his hand at rap in a new video shows how the section plays a synthesizer and sings to her grandson.

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