The Network got a video of harassment and Harvey Weinstein. Video

В Сеть попало видео домогательств Харви Вайнштейна. Видео

Weinstein asks the staff not to disturb him and closes the door.

Entrepreneur Melissa Thompson, who in July of this year filed a lawsuit for rape on the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, has published a video of his abuse during a meeting in his office in 2011, a few hours before the alleged rape.

Video meetings in the office Weinstein was recorded 28-year-old Thompson on a webcam laptop. She submitted a recording and gave an interview about it to TV channel Sky News.

In the beginning of the video, Weinstein asks the staff not to disturb him and closes the door. Instead of shaking hands, he embraces the woman sees himself for the first time, and pats her on the back.

In the process of negotiations, the producer flirts with businesswoman, comes to her and calls “hot.” “Can you flirt?” he asks in the video. “A little,” said Thompson. Now she explains that he did not want to disrupt the negotiations.

Then Weinstein invited the woman to drink in a bar at the Tribeca Grand hotel, and she agreed, since, as explained now, is considered a public place more safe. However, after the meeting, according to Thompson, the producer brought her to his room and raped her.

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