The Network has ridiculed Putin’s statement on Crimea

В Сети подняли на смех заявление Путина о Крыме

Putin is not a joke angered the Russians.

The reason for the biting comments was the statement five years ago that Vladimir Putin has been devoted to the occupation of Ukrainian Crimea, reports the with reference to About this in his personal Twitter wrote ordinary Russian propagandist Dmitry Smirnov, who suffers from a stellar disease, and who continues to call himself a “journalist of the Kremlin pool”.

“After a hard, long voyage, Crimea and Sevastopol returning to home port, the port of permanent registration in Russia!”: Five years one of the main events of the newest history”, – said Vladimir Putin.

Users reacted angrily to the publication of a propagandist and said that Vladimir Putin is an ordinary liar and an invader.

“Enjoy huge economic and foreign policy damage, can only utter idiots”, “something Crimeans not very pleased is the “native govini”, “Crimeans, you want? Now let’s take shit from the rest of the country?)”, “A liar, a hypocrite, an invader”, “God, what the fucking shame…. Sorry, Ukrainians, sorry – the descendants,” they write in the comments.

В Сети подняли на смех заявление Путина о Крыме

В Сети подняли на смех заявление Путина о Крыме


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