The Network has ridiculed the separatist offensive

В Сети высмеяли одиозную сепаратистку

Speech women provoked a strong reaction among commentators in social networks.

Odious ukrainofobkoy Victoria Shilova, who opposed the resonant draft law on the provision of Ukrainian as the state language, provoked a storm of anger online.

In particular, the Shilov called the Russian language “native language of Ukrainians,” and the consideration of the bill by the Verkhovna Rada – “the dictates of Western Ukraine over other regions.”

“Hell, stop talking in a language that does not understand Victoria Shilova!”, All educated people know that the Ukrainian movu invented the Austrian General staff to the collapse of the Russian culture! Will roll forward for the fofudja!” – they write.

At the same time, some users said that have no idea who Victoria Shilova, and why they should care about her opinion.


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