The Network has shown a cave that was isolated in 5 million years. Video

В Сети показали пещеру, которая была изолирована 5 миллионов лет. Видео

The air contained many harmful substances.

In 1986, the Romanian speleologist Cristian Lascu first made a dangerous descent and revealed to the world a unique cave Movile.

In the atmosphere of the cave there is almost no oxygen (7-10%), but it is saturated with hydrogen sulphide, contained here in a huge amount of carbon dioxide, methane and ammonia.

It was isolated from the outside world more than 5 million years, the air contained many harmful substances, but it did not stop her from becoming home to many strange creatures.

In all living creatures that live in caves, have two common characteristics: they have no color (discoloration), as they live in total darkness, and they are absolutely blind, because without the light the eyesight they do not need. In the space of the underground inhabitants are guided by touch and smell.

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