The Network has shown a flexible smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold in the hands of the user

В Сети показали гибкий смартфон Samsung Galaxy Fold в руках у пользователя

Place the bend of the main screen is very noticeable.

Before the presentation, it was clear that the flexible smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold will afford not to everyone. Most can see the novelty is in the photo or video. Of course, the official pictures with the new ideal. But how it looks in real life?

Light spilled one and users who managed to buy a new product. He shot it on video. It should be noted that the video smartphone, can you go into detail.

By the way, place the bend of the main screen is very noticeable. Therefore, it may be frustrating on the big screen.

Of course, the screen. The screen size of the folded is 4.6 inches. And when it expand, then get a full tablet x 7.3 inches diagonal.

By the way, at the same time on the big screen can be opened from 3 Windows.

Price. New officially goes on sale on April 26. Price starts from $ 1 980 (55 400 hryvnia).


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