The Network has shown how a little bird defeated a poisonous snake. Video

В Сети показали, как маленькая птичка победила ядовитую змею. Видео

The woman witnessed as the African bird was attacked by a poisonous snake.

The incident took video of the vet Gabriela Benavides in the Kruger national Park in South Africa.

The video was posted on the YouTube channel Kruger Sightings.

The woman became the witness of how the African bird, related to the sparrows attacked a poisonous snake. Little bird first pecked the bastard’s eyes, and then alive ripped part of the intestines.

In less than a day the movie has collected more than 28 thousand views. Eyewitness of the incident, wondered what he saw.

The woman said that she thought that the bird protecting the nest. But it turned out that the fowl was killed a snake for food.

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