The network launched malicious Stalin

В сеть запущен вредоносный Сталин

According to “UKRINFORM” with reference to Bleeping Computer, in the network there are new dangerous virus StalinLocker. Malicious algorithm blocks all files on the computer and puts on the screen “cap” with a portrait of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

It is reported that the feature of virus is that it creates its autorun and blocks all processes. After starting StalinLocker appears on the screen the 10-minute countdown, which requires entering a code. Otherwise all the computer files will be deleted.

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Code — the difference between the launch date of the program and 30 December 1922 (the date of formation of the USSR. — Ed.). If the user enters the correct code, the lock stops working and deletes its files.

If the code is entered after the interval has expired, the virus will attempt to delete all files on each drive found on the computer.

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However, in MalwareHunterTeam which found the virus, claimed that the majority of anti-virus able to detect this malware.

As previously reported “FACTS”, threat extension for Google Chrome has infected tens of thousands of users.

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