The Network showed footage from the scene of a plane crash in Ethiopia. Video

В Сети показали кадры с места катастрофы самолета в Эфиопии. Видео

In the crash, the plane crashed airline, Ethiopian Airlines.

In the network published the footage from the crash site of the Boeing 737 airline Ethiopian Airlines that crashed on March 10.

“The crash of the airliner, Ethiopian Airlines, crashed this morning. Fragments of the plane scattered clothing and 157 dead,” reads the caption to the frame.

At the moment we know that as a result of plane crash of airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, EN route from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, killed the family of the Slovak Deputy Anton Grnco.

Also, according to the Agency Ansa, among the victims were member of the regional Council of Sicily, responsible for the cultural heritage of Sebastiano’s Party, which was also a world-famous archaeologist and sent to Kenya to participate in the UNESCO project. In addition, the plane crash killed seven Italian nationals and three citizens of Russia.


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