The network showed how to change the appearance of Kendall Jenner for the last 10 years: before and after photos

В сети показали, как изменилась внешность Кендалл Дженнер за последние 10 лет: фото до и после

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today, 02:37

Kendall Jenner is an American model and angel of Victoria’s Secret, which is famous for the filming of the family reality show, loves to experiment on their appearance. Of course, few of the stars confesses that he resorted to the services of plastic surgeons, but Kendall was most likely made of plastic, although it may just have increased, causing her face has changed a lot. In Instagram account celebface, who follows the stars, there was a photo collage of the two pictures Jenner with a difference in ten years.

As can be seen in the first photo the model is still very young – she is only 14 years old, she has long hair and chubby face. In the second photo, Kendall for 24 years, her face has sharper features, most likely not without plastics and cosmetic procedures. In the caption to the photo collage reads: “Kendall Jenner: the beginning of the decade/the end of the decade.” Followers page is certainly not miss the opportunity to comment on the appearance of Kendall. One she seems even more beautiful than it was ten years ago, while others believe that she was better.

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Recall that Kendall Jenner has outdone itself last year.

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