The new Beyonce became a hit network

Singer Beyonce has posted a very interesting picture, which pleased the fans

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Новый снимок Бейонсе стал хитом сети


Popular singer Beyonce, who was jealous of the spouse and became a meme in the network, pleased fans with a new picture on his page in Instagram. The artist is depicted with a lioness.

Watch the video on why Beyonce accused of using photoshop:

It is worth noting that the new photo is a kind of announcement of the reissue of “the lion King” by Disney, where the artist voiced the heroine, a lioness Nala. The immediately became a hit network, with nearly six million likes.

Новый снимок Бейонсе стал хитом сети


The tape will be released at the end of this month. It is a remake of the popular Disney cartoon. Beyonce took the picture in a black top with a deep neckline and a high tail. She and the lioness stand out sharply on a black background image.

Earlier, beyoncé was published in Instagram photos in a spectacular outfit. In it she called for the award from the American film Institute.

Note that each release of the singer Beyonce is among the public furor, because the flamboyant star chooses the most extravagant images. And another night out was no exception.

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