The new fiction “Les Bombes”: four girls face their addictions

The new fiction «The Bombs


The paths of four women struggling with addictions will cross at the specialized Catharsis center where they will have to face their demons and take their lives back into their own hands. 

Such is the backstory of the new dramatic comedy “Les Bombes” from Séries Plus, the six episodes of which are being filmed these days.

The Corus channel has unveiled the complete cast , Tuesday, which relies for the four main roles – the four “bombs” – on Julie de Lafrenière, Sarah Desjeunes Rico, Debbie Lynch-White and Olivia Palacci.

The four actresses had the idea for the series, but it was the author Kim Lévesque Lizotte (“Avant le crash”, “Les Simone”) who wrote the screenplay and the dialogues, giving life to a “story of solidarity” feminine.

The cast also includes Francesca Barcenas, Félix-Antoine Duval, Laetitia Isambert, Jean-François Mercier, Pier Paquette, Lise Roy and Jean-Nicolas Verreault, who play staff members or patients of the Catharsis center.

Pierre-Paul Alain, Chantal Baril, François Caffiaux, Gaïa Cherrat Naghshi, Isabelle Drainville, Sophie Faucher, Tania Kontoyanni, Maka Kotto, Marie-France Marcotte, Pascale Montpetit, Alejandro Moran, Maxime-Olivier Potvin and Fred Eric Salvail defend for their part relatives, colleagues or acquaintances of the main protagonists.

It was explained that Juliette, Vicky, Claudine and Emma do not “know each other, but are about to experience a shock wave in their lives “. They are “overwhelmed by their addictions” and will have to get back on their feet by staying in the same room at the Catharsis center.

“What joined me in the original idea of ​​the four girls and in the text of Kim, it is the freedom and the frankness with which one approaches the addictions, said the director Pascal L'Heureux, in a press release. It gives rise to both dramatic and comic moments, sometimes in the same scene! And for a director, working with such an extraordinary cast is “Bomb”!”

Produced by Sophie Deschênes of Sovimage, the fiction “Les Bombes” will be broadcast next winter on Séries More.