The new Frontignan tourist office was inaugurated in the heart of the town

The new Frontignan tourist office was inaugurated in the heart of the town

Le nouvel office de tourisme est désormais situé place de la mairie. MIDI LIBRE – PHILIPPE MALRIC

Fini le site de Frontignan-plage, désormais l’office de tourisme est implanté dans le centre.

The new Frontignan tourist office was inaugurated on Wednesday June 26, Place de la Mairie. This tourist information office was set up in the walls of the old pharmacy, transferred to the Meubles Moreau premises, along the Boulevard des Républicains Spaniards.

Tourism can be within reach

This opening leads to the closure of the Frontignan-plage site, located at the harbor master's office. However, this sector will not be abandoned since the stay advisors will be mobile there."We continue our role of support in the territory and leisure, recalled Kelvine Gouvernayre, the deputy mayor in charge of tourism and vice-president of the & rsquo;intercommunal tourist office. This office in the city center is aimed at everyone, tourists but also Frontignan residents because for them, tourism can be within street reach, she declared before recalling that last year the agglomeration welcomed 10 million overnight stays.

Free parking near the beaches

"Hérault is the third tourist destination in France", recalled Jean-Louis Gély, the vice-president of the Department responsible for tourism, explaining that the ambition of the entire sector is to work on the "seasonal wings" to expand the tourist offerings, the main boon of the territory. A windfall that the mayor of Frontignan does not want to exaggerate. He strongly reminded us that "of course, beach parking remains free for all. We are the only city on the coast to maintain this free service", he said. Everyone will have understood that Michel Arrouy was referring to the very recent extension of the paid parking zone near the beaches of Sète.

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