The new head of Catalonia did not swear allegiance to the king of Spain

Новый глава Каталонии не стал присягать на верность королю Испании

Thursday, may 17, in Barcelona took place the inauguration of the new head of Generalitat of Catalonia. As already reported “FACTS”, it was Kim Torr. He took the oath and officially took office.

Why is it important?

Torre is one of the most consistent supporters of the independence of Catalonia, so the Spanish government who had dismissed his predecessor Carles Pokdemon and arrange early elections in the autonomy, changed the flea.

Kim Torr may 17, in a short speech emphasized that “it will perform the duties of the Chairman of the government of Catalonia”. Head of Generalitat he still considers Pokdemon. In the oath said Torre, was not a word about loyalty to the head of the Spanish state king Philip VI. Also not a single mention in the text about the Constitution of Spain. The ceremony was not attended by a single representative of official Madrid.

What does it mean?

The Catalan crisis is far from over. Early elections in the autonomy has not solved the problem. The new head of Catalonia intends to “do the will of the people” expressed by residents of the autonomy in the referendum of October 1, 2017, which the Spanish government has declared illegal.

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