The new judge of “Masterchef. Professionals” was Olga Martynovskaya: “It is an honour for me.”

Новой судьей "МастерШеф. Профессионалы" стала Ольга Мартыновская: "Это большая честь для меня"

today, 09:39

Learned the name of the new judges of the second season of the cooking show “Masterchef. Professionals.”

Together with the judges of Hector Jimenez-Bravo and Vladimir Yaroslavsky member of the jury of the project will be Olga Martynovskaya.

Новой судьей "МастерШеф. Профессионалы" стала Ольга Мартыновская: "Это большая честь для меня"

Olga Martynovskaya known as the winner of the third season of “Masterchef”, but after the final, she has continued to develop in the culinary world to the international level.

“For many years we are happy and proud to see the progress Oli. After winning the “Masterchef”, she became successful in Paris – the city that usually reach heights only French chefs. The way Oli from participating in the casting call in 2013 to the co-owner of a restaurant in the centre of Paris – proves that “anything is possible”! Olga is a great professional, and her experience and knowledge to our participants,” said creative producer of the Studio Vladimir Turich.

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What is known about Olga St Martin’s? She graduated from the basic course in “Le cordon bleu” and became the first in the ranking of its release. Martynovskiy is included in the book “2017 MOF best chef of France” as the best a foreign woman chef. Participant of international culinary exhibition SIRHA Lyon 2017 in collaboration with Jean Marc Tachet Création. In 2017 Olga Martynovskaya became management and co-owner of the restaurant “Les Foodies” in the heart of Paris.

Новой судьей "МастерШеф. Профессионалы" стала Ольга Мартыновская: "Это большая честь для меня"

Olga shared her feelings after she was elected judge of the project.

“So serious feelings I first felt when my daughter was born. Then when I started to live with her own in another country. And now this is the third time in my life when I have a huge responsibility. Beside me, Hector and Vladimir, my support, and the project team, which I am very grateful. I tried very hard when I was a member, has come a long way, have not lost purchased and found his profession. Six years later become a judge is an honor for me! Now finally I can praise,” – says Olga Martynovskaya.

Note that the participants of the cooking show “Masterchef. Professionals” can only be experienced cooks. Professionals are individual and team tasks and battle black.

The winner will receive a remuneration in the amount of 1 000 000 UAH.

Premiere project broadcast STB will be 29 February 2020. In the season of the planned 18 episodes.

Recall the famous chef Hector Jimenez-Bravo has surprised his fans with a new publication online.

As reported by the portal Znaia the judge “Masterchef” Vladimir Yaroslavl shared the secrets of making soup stock

Also Znayu wrote, members of the “Masterchef” will teach you to cook in extrimalnij conditions

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