The new logo of “Game of thrones” spoilered the events of the eighth season

The video shows what events will be happening in the new season of the show

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Новая заставка "Игры престолов" спойлерит события восьмого  сезона

“Game of thrones” – new screen saver

HBO APR 14, released 1 episode of season 8 of “Game of thrones” and we described that in this series. Also HBO has released a new version of the Intro of the series “Game of thrones”, which opened the first series of the final season. A two-minute video appeared on the Youtube channel of the series.

As always, the splash screen shows all of the basic locations in which the events of the series, as well as clues to the plot.

This time open the video frames with the sun, bound with iron hoops. However, now the first big show of the Hoop with the picture of a dead dragon King the night that spews blue flames. Then in the frame appears a Wall which broke the white walkers. Next, the camera flies from its Northern side through the hole on the territory of the Seven kingdoms and after this a tile on the ground upside down, forming thus the ice surface. Gradually they get to Last hearth, which belongs to the vassals of the Starks, the family of Amber.

Next, there is Winterfell is the ancestral castle of the Guardians of the North. Candreva in his back yard blossomed and we see the crypt, where are buried all the members of the family, the Starks. Then the screen shows again the iron Hoop and it shows the lion of Lannister and the direwolf of the headless Starks.

The camera then returns to a map of Westeros – the capital of the Seven kingdoms, king’s landing. At Red castle, we enter through one of the towers and find ourselves in a cellar, where are kept the bones of the dead dragons who once served the family of the Targaryens, then we fall into the Great hall, where stands the Iron throne. Behind him hangs a coat of arms of the family of Lannisters.

Then the camera again shows the wrap with two dragons, Daenerys. After that, the screen displays the logo of the season with the title of the series and the head of the four heraldic animals: the dragon of Targaryen, Lannister lion, the stark direwolf and the stag of Baratheon.

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