The new novel of Alexander Garden: say no to the stupidity of the world

Nouveau roman d'Alexandre Jardin: dire non à la bêtise du monde

In this new novel, punch, intense, where the emotions are raw, the French writer Alexandre Jardin is a portrait of ordinary people whose life turns after the closure of the factory who live all over the city. The heroines of French, sisters to the fates unexpected, living at 200 per hour, are women who are standing on. They have rage in their hearts, the fire in the ass and say no to the stupidity of the world.

Always also twining and amazing in an interview, Alexandre Jardin speaks with enthusiasm of this novel, colorful, exuberant, carnal, born of a desire to talk of simple people’s private lives simple.

“I live in a country of fools where Paris does nothing to the rest of the country, he commented. There’s a disconnect with the rest of the country is crazy. It is as if one did not know what was happening in this country. Gold me, I’ve seen this country move in the past 20 years with my programs. I am well aware that the fiction, there is more to Paris, he is in the French territories. “

The people who innovate, who try stuff, do more in the 6th arrondissement, pounds-t-it. “The vitality is no longer at the centre. I’m more realized, from experience, that a engaged in France, it is a committed. It is a girl. The people who are moving to the cities, are women. In Read and read, there are 90% women. “

It is said that it was the time to be consistent with the man involved that he is since 20 years – so to align – and returning to the big popular novel that tells the identity of a country. “The great popular novel restarts, both in its catastrophic, and in its energy. Because it turns out that, when the human being is in the shit, he is looking for solutions ! “

Three sisters

The novel speaks of three sisters, Kelly, Cherry and Cindy. Kelly is frivolous and refuse to be a victim of aggression and abandonment. Cherry sees the life in pink… until he bites her husband. Cindy, on his side, puts on a veil and hand Syria to marry her lover islamist. Their mother, Lucette, loses the ball.

The lives of these women, and a whole gallery of characters, explodes when the Company norman Shipping, the company that makes them live the town, was obliged to close its doors. When the charge of fuel increases, people are invading the roundabouts, a yellow jacket on the back. All of a sudden, the life of Kelly rocking in the violence.

“Overactive” for the containment

In addition, Alexander Garden, the man, the unifying figure and charismatic, says that he has been “overactive” during the confinement. “I was mad with rage. To be locked up, I do not support, ” he said.

When he realized that there were problems of reinforcements in the hospital, he proceeded to the problem and, thanks to its many contacts, has established a network of emergency assistance.

“I’ve ridden all of the plan comm. I have phoned all the offices. And we found 28 000 nursing staff. I am unleashed on my balcony : I had to give 500 shots thread ! And I said to myself, there is only one type in my genre who can unlock it. “

French was printed and stuck in the warehouses. “I had the French confined, under an oxygen tent. It made me mad, so I started to write French 2, the sequel. I am against the fact that I encloses them, and that they lock up my characters. ”

  • Alexander Garden (the Price of the first novel prix Femina) is one of the authors of the French language are the most read.
  • He has published more than twenty novels, including The Zebra and Fanfan, the autobiographical sketches (very good people, The Zubial) and albums youth.
  • He is anxious to return to Quebec.


Alexander Garden
Editions Albin Michel
approximately 400 pages”>

Alexander Garden
Editions Albin Michel
approximately 400 pages

Recommended by my anger, I want to be a writer, forgetful of what he was, a writer blow of the hammer, a writer without caution. Ras the bowl of my eyes primesautier on the literature. Play the vivisecteur passions, that’s enough. More want to let myself be seduced by the luxury of romantic. I apprivoiserai otherwise my page. My pen will be used as the simple people’s private lives simple. I have been so stirred by these inregardés that are worth their weight in poetry. Here is my contract. “

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