The New Zealand entrust border control to the army

La Nouvelle-Zélande confie le contrôle des frontières à l'armée

The prime minister of new zealand Jacinda Ardern has entrusted to us Wednesday, the surveillance of the borders to the army after the return of the coronavirus in the archipelago, linked to a confusion in the application of quarantine measures.

After a series of 24 days without contamination, New Zealand has announced on Tuesday that two women recently arrived from Great Britain had been able to get out prematurely from quarantine without being tested, even though they exhibited mild symptoms of the Covid-19.

Both were eventually found and diagnosed as carriers of the virus. But in the meantime, they had travelled by car to the 650 km between Auckland to Wellington to go to visit a relative on his death bed.

Ms Ardern has deemed it “absolutely absurd” that they have not been tested earlier, and felt that the border controls needed to be strengthened to ensure that this kind of blunder is not repeated.

“I believe that we need the discipline, the confidence and the discipline that the army can provide”, stated to journalists that Ms Ardern.

New zealand’s minister of Health David Clark said that his country had, before the discovery of these imported cases, successfully eliminated the Covid-19, which killed 22 people in the archipelago of five million inhabitants.

The two women were placed in solitary confinement, and the health authorities are currently testing 320 people with whom they were in contact in New Zealand.

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