THE NEWS AT NOON. Mbappé injured in the nose, the Avanza pesticide well authorized, scam in Montpellier… what to remember

THE NEWS AT NOON. Mbappé injured in the nose, the Avanza pesticide well authorized, scam in Montpellier... what to remember

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Retrouvez les informations sélectionnées par Midi Libre ce mardi 18 juin 2024 à la mi-journée.

L’info du jour

Mbappé blessé.During the match between the Blues and Austria (1-0) this Monday, June 17, Kylian Mbappé, the future Real Madrid striker, broke his nose in the 90th minute .

The Blues star was injured when he violently hit the shoulder of Austrian defender Kevin Danso while trying to head a ball.

If the captain of the Blues has a broken nose, he will not be operated on for the moment. Kylian Mbappé will even potentially be able to play this Friday against the Netherlands. The Blues striker will follow a classic treatment protocol but will however have to wear a mask during the next matches.

And also…

Olivier Faure. In the event of victory, the New Popular Front will have to choose its Prime Minister by < em>"one vote" newly elected deputies, Olivier Faure estimated on Tuesday June 18, contradicting the Insoumis who want the largest parliamentary group to propose a name for Matignon.

Pesticide. L’Avanza, controversial pesticide used in rice fields is indeed authorized: the administrative court de Melun rejected the appeals of the associations France Nature Environnement and Générations futures, against the exceptional authorization.

Scam in Montpellier. A scam organized by a company based in the Cévennes district of Montpellier caused more than 3,500 victims between June and October 2020. The scammers made victims believe that their computer was infected with a virus and therefore required a repair ranging from 150 to 1,500 euros.

MHR. In February-March, rumors of extensions were in the air. At the end of the season, things changed. The management of the MHR decided this Monday, June 17. Manager Patrice Collazo and his coaches Vincent Etcheto (attack) and Christian Labut (ground game) will not be renewed.

Practical info

Taxes. The General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFiP) reimburses 10 to 15 million households in the middle of summer since the entry into force of the withholding tax.

This will be either for Wednesday July 24, 2024, or for Wednesday July 31, as the DGFiP announced. The transfers will take place in two times.

Those who have not communicated their RIB to the tax authorities will receive a check letter. They will be sent from July 24, 2024 until the end of August.

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