THE NEWS AT NOON. Press conference of Bardella, child airlifted in the Pyrenees, number for mistreated animals… what to remember

THE NEWS AT NOON. Press conference of Bardella, child airlifted in the Pyrenees, number for mistreated animals… what to remember

Bardella press conference, child airlifted in the Pyrenees, number for mistreated animals Midi Libre and MaxPPP

Find the information selected by Midi Libre this Monday, June 24, 2024 at midday.

Today's news

Legislative elections: the RN says it is “ready to govern”. “We are ready” to govern, assured this Monday morning Jordan Bardella, leader of the National Rally and candidate for Matignon, by presenting his program for the legislative elections in Paris. "I solemnly say it to our compatriots: the National Rally is today the only movement that can immediately and reasonably implement the aspirations clearly expressed by the French . In three words, we are ready", said the man who aspires to become Prime Minister at the end of the vote on June 30 and July 7. He proposes "a big bang of authority" at’school " from the start of the September school year", with the ban on mobile phones in establishments and the wearing of uniforms.

Jordan Bardella announces that he will act in stages, first with a "emergency management", then the "treatment of reforms". For the legislative candidate, "the’emergency" relates in particular to the fact of "restore oxygen" economically to the French, notably in "reviving French electricity prices" and the "lower taxes". On the security aspect, Bardella intends to put an end to the minority excuse and introduce minimum sentences. The leader of the RN also promises the abolition of land law, with a view to "better control of immigration".

And also…

New Caledonia: renewed violence during the night with fires and clashes. Several buildings, including a police station and a town hall, were set on fire in New Caledonia on the night of Sunday 23 to Monday 24 June 2024, marked by clashes between separatists and law enforcement, leaving one injured, in a surge of violence after six weeks of tension. "The night was restless and marked by unrest across the whole of Grande Terre (the main island, editor's note), on the Isle of Pines and Maré, requiring the intervention of numerous reinforcements: attacks by the police, arson and roadblocks", indicated this Monday the High Commission, representative of the State in this French archipelago in the South Pacific. The archipelago has been in the grip of violent unrest since May 13, arising from the contestation of an electoral thaw bill.

Legislative: the race for proxies is in full swing in Montpellier. Thousands of people (at least 4,000) went last week to the Montpellier police stations to make their proxy for the legislative elections, the first round of which is scheduled for the last weekend of June. That of Comedy did not escape the influx. For most, it was the late announcement of these early elections which posed a problem. A new Ipsos/Le Parisien/Radio France poll, published on Sunday, anticipates a participation rate of 62% in these elections, significantly higher than that of the 2022 legislative elections, no longer far from the record recorded during the 1997 legislative elections. (68% participation) after the dissolution of the National Assembly by Jacques Chirac.

At the end of his strength, an 8-year-old child who went hiking with his father in the Pyrenees was evacuated by helicopter. A father and his 8-year-old son set out this Sunday, June 23, to climb Pic Carlit, the highest peak in the Pyrénées-Orientales perched at 2921 meters, but their excursion did not go as planned. As reported by our colleagues from France Bleu, the little boy, exhausted, felt unwell and had to be evacuated by helicopter with his father. According to the mountain CRS, the route is not suitable, this ascent is rather reserved for people used to high mountain hiking.

Practical info

3677, a number to report animal abuse launched in France. You witness a case of mistreatment, you find animals in distress or you become aware of acts of cruelty towards animals, for the first time in France, a number national will allow reports to be made. 36 77 is therefore the single number from this Monday, to report cases of animal abuse. The line, open 7 days a week, operates like a classic emergency service. However, you will have to call within a certain time slot to have someone to contact you. The line is in fact accessible, at the price of a traditional call, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends. end, specifies Le Parisien.

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