The novels of the Nobel laureate Olga Tokarchuk, from which it is impossible to put down

“Today” has picked up unexpected novels of the Polish writer Tokarchuk that represent different genres

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Романы Нобелевского лауреата Ольги Токарчук, от которых невозможно оторваться

The Nobel prize for literature was recently awarded to Olga Tokarchuk. She is a Polish writer and the author of the essay. Tokarchuk grew up in Poland in a family of immigrants from Ukraine: her grandmother, a native of Ukraine, at the time, married a pole. Olga Tokarchuk, in addition to the Nobel prize, he was awarded numerous awards, including the literary prize “Nike” and the International man Booker prize.

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“Today” has prepared a series of her books, which are impossible to put down.

Olga Tokarchuk “Runners”

Романы Нобелевского лауреата Ольги Токарчук, от которых невозможно оторваться

The narrative of this fairly autobiographical novel as if composed of “patches” here and people, airports, and railway stations. All this mixed with the philosophical reflections of the author. In General, this mixture creates a “quilt patchwork” made of smaller or larger, at first glance, travelogue writer. That is why the Nobel Committee singled out this book.

This book is definitely for those who like “backpack” and “road” romance. Also this book is like for those who had to grow up and develop during the collapse of the Soviet Union and the formation of a new country.

Let us add that the word “runners” in the language has two readings: “pole” and “people running”. This is an important clarification, which very successfully captures the essence of the book.

Olga Tokarchuk “drive your plough over the bones of the dead”

Романы Нобелевского лауреата Ольги Токарчук, от которых невозможно оторваться

The second book of Nobel laureate Olga Tokarchuk, we recommend you to read this detective novel where the main character is an ordinary woman, which many consider a bit “out of it”. She is interested in astrology and loves animals and in her spare time is translating poetry. When in their area the killing starts, it convinces everyone that it is the animals revenge on the poachers and hunters, but no one believes her.

This is a very good and positive book which gives hope despite the fact that in the novel there are four dead, the unknown killer, one headstrong woman and her friends, cranks, and lots of animals. This is an incredible story about friendship and love, about us and “the other”, about understanding and misunderstanding. So we recommend it for autumn read for those who want to escape from everyday life and those who have a sense of humor.

Olga Tokarchuk “Book Of James”

Романы Нобелевского лауреата Ольги Токарчук, от которых невозможно оторваться

This work is one of the novels of the Polish writer, which drew the attention of the Nobel Committee. The events unfolding in the Ukrainian Podolia in the multicultural Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth even for the eighteenth century.

This book Tokarchuk wrote for six years. Its volume about a thousand pages. Its plot is built around the figure of the Jew Podolsky James Franco, who declared himself the Messiah. The “book of Jacob” will be of interest to a wide circle of readers who love interesting books.

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