The number of COVID-19 cases increases to 121 in Quebec

Quebec has 121 people officially infected with coronavirus on Thursday, 27 more than the day before. But the contagion is growing a lot faster in certain regions, such as the Eastern Townships. Prime Minister François Legault therefore asks Quebecers to no longer travel from one region to another.
D are 27 new cases reported in Quebec in 24 hours, eight are in the Eastern Townships, 30%. But if we take the last two days, we are talking about 17 new cases out of the 26 listed so far in Estrie, almost two thirds (65%).

It is also 36% of the 47 people tested positive for COVID-19 in Quebec in the past 48 hours. For a region representing 4% of the province’s population.

“I ask Quebecers, when it is not essential, not to travel from one region to another,” said Premier Legault, during his daily press briefing always held alongside the National Director of Quebec Public Health, Horacio Arruda, and the Minister of Health and Social Services, Danielle McCann.

“For the moment, we don’t need to close regions. But it is important, to avoid spreading the virus from one region to another, not to travel, unless it is essential, “added Mr. Legault.

On Thursday, Air Canada announced the suspension of its regional air routes across Canada from Monday, until April 30, at least.

In comparison with the Estrie region and its 328,998 inhabitants, the Montreal region currently has 28 official cases, therefore only two more, for a six times larger population of 2,052,910 people.

Laval, with 438,973 citizens, has only one confirmed case, while the Montérégie, second in population with 1,582,067 people, shelters 19 patients with coronavirus.

The Capitale-Nationale, therefore Quebec, has two more cases with 10 in total. No new cases in Chaudière-Appalaches, with six.

And Quebec has so far always had only one death from the consequences of COVID-19, that of an elderly lady from Lavaltrie, in Lanaudière, announced Wednesday.

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