The number of positive cases to the COVID-19 continues to rise in France

Le nombre de cas positifs à la COVID-19 continue d'augmenter en France

The number of people diagnosed positive to the new coronavirus in France has increased by more than 30% in a week, faster than the increase in the number of tests conducted, according to a weekly review published on Thursday.

On the week of 27 July to 2 August, 7565 people have been tested positive in metropolitan France, or +33 % compared to the previous week which had seen a jump in the number of cases (+57 %, with 5695).

This increase in new cases the positive “is still higher than the increase in the number of patients tested” (+14 %, 505 945), highlights the public body for Public Health in France.

The balance sheet daily newspaper published on Thursday by the ministry of Health is going in the same direction: 1604 confirmed cases in the past 24 hours, after 1695 the day before, while this figure has crossed the mark 1000 since the end of July.

France now 30.312 death, 7 more in 24 hours. On Tuesday, the scientific Council, which guides the government in the fight against the COVID-19, had warned that France is not immune to a recovery uncontrolled epidemic, and urged the French to comply with the measures of barriers.

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