The nutritionist suggested, how often you eat fish

Диетолог подсказала, как часто нужно есть рыбу

Fish should be present in the diet at least three times a week

Warm food fills faster, accelerates metabolism and stimulates the stomach, and the fish not only contains vitamins and valuable amino acids, and substances that stimulate the burning of subcutaneous fat. This was told by the dietician Lyudmila Babich, writes the with reference to Golos.Ua

Freshly prepared steamed or in the oven, the fish should be on the table at least three times a week, preferably 4-5 times. At the same time, salted or smoked fish – not in the bill, it is attributed rather to harmful products that you want to restrict.

Preference is given to marine fish as it has the greatest number of healthy fatty acids, which among other things also activate the burning of subcutaneous fat.

At least once a day the dish should be hot. It can be Breakfast, for example scrambled eggs or boiled brisket, or lunch – soup, main dish, or Breakfast and lunch (which is much better).

Several times a week, but not less than three, is consumed at lunch or dinner, low-fat soups for vegetable, mushroom or chicken broth. This will speed up the stomach and help digestion. In addition, hot food faster nourishes and speeds up metabolism.


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