The nutritionist told me what kind of oil is best to fry

Диетолог рассказала, на каком масле лучше всего жарить

Nutritionist Ekaterina Novikova advises or opt out of frying, or carefully approach the choice of oils.

The problem with all oils is their instability. Distracted, I overheated the pan and of the useful oils you can get TRANS fats. The last cause of cancer, writes the with reference to

The main difference between oils is the temperature at which the oil begins to boil and smoke. Is the temperature at which the oil turns into TRANS fats, and liberates their fatty acids.

The refined oil, this point is the highest. But the damage from this oil covers the fact that it has the highest boiling point.

The use of refined oil can lead to:

Hormonal disorders.

Of coronary heart disease.


Cancer and other serious diseases.

Refined polyunsaturated oils such as linseed, sunflower, hemp, sesame is very unstable. Their nutritionist advises to add in a salad and eat raw.

The rating of the oil at the temperature of boiling point:

5) Olive oil Extra Vergin – 160 degrees (this is too little for frying)

4) Coconut oil is 177 degrees (also not suitable for frying)

3) ghee is clarified butter – 252 degrees.

2) Mustard oil – 254 degrees.

1) avocado Oil is 270 degrees.


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