The oasis Ferrari

L'oasis Ferrari

Leading son at day camp the other morning, I meet in my neighbourhood, a young and pretty blonde at the wheel of his Ferrari 458 Spider white color. Simply beautiful, the car vrombissait and shone like a diamond in the rough for that perfect ponytail of his driver started to pop up slowly as the car accelerated, to quietly touch the prancing horse embroidered in the headrest of the seat in cream color.

Yes, that last image is, of course, the fruit of my imagination! But you will have understood by this soaring lyrical that the only fact to come across this kind of car in there spotting, in addition to the stereotype of the pretty young woman magazine is a dream. As if it was a advertising a vacancy, where everything is always perfect.

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Not once, but twice in the last few weeks, I’ve just been able to dip a toe in the ocean for Ferrari, having made act of presence to the only concession in Quebec. A place that makes you dream, in the same way that the cars that are there. Because that is what sells Ferrari’s. Of the dream. A dream that begins the moment you set foot in this dealership, regardless of your social class or the thickness of your wallet, but that only a small portion of the population will be able to one day achieve.

I am first introduced to go take a look at the new and oh so beautiful Ferrari Roma.

A luxury sports coupe to be substantially different from what Ferrari has up until now accustomed, but which shines with a rare elegance and a dress clearly more sober than that of the 458 Spider. Equipped with a small V8 turbocharged engine, this coupe target clearly the buyer of an Aston Martin, which is ironic, knowing that the owner of this concession has also announced that it was investing massively in this manufacturer English.

Sold at a price of entry just over a quarter of a million dollars, the Roma will be available from the end of the year, constituting the sixth model, a range which grows year by year. Also, be aware that this expansion is far from over, as Ferrari announces the arrival of its first SUV, the Thoroughbred. A vehicle that could probably double sales of the manufacturer, as was the case at Lamborghini with the Urus. However, Ferrari does not seem to want to play the card of the volume at any price. A strategy honourable, which would also explain why the cars always retain a good resale value, which is certainly not the case with Aston Martin.

Thank you, mother nature!

My second visit at the dealership, but I was feverish. I would go in the optical testing of the F8 Is worthy evolution of the 458 and 488. A test that unfortunately has not taken place, mother Nature has chosen me to languish a bit longer.

So this will be a postponement. All the same, it is at this time that I was able to take the time to observe more carefully the environment in which I found myself. An environment that is exclusively Ferrari (since Maserati is not there), where the variety of cars and colors is value in a room of a white, shimmering, floor-to-ceiling. An area dotted with images of the founder of the brand and Gilles Villeneuve, where we exhibit this row of seats it is possible to choose the map, in the same way as leather, brake calipers, badges and so on.

What was my favorite? So essential, this Daytona 1972 red color, sold for 799 000 $ US. However, my eye was also drawn to the 488 Spider dark blue, distinctive color, but and that to my sense, and it highlights each of the lines exciting in this car.

I admit, I imagined a moment of time, to sell my entire collection of cars to get just 30% of the value of this Ferrari, I would have given money. However, by performing a mental calculation very approximate, I arrived at monthly payments of around$ 4000 per month over five years, which far exceeds the cost of my mortgage. Then, when the seller has mentioned me that the vast majority of buyers pay for their car in cash, I immediately understood that it was better to continue to dream.

Now, the Ferrari passion is also felt by the mouths of the representatives, which are bathed in a world where each car is unique. The pleasure of building every time a car is customized for the client is part of a sales process, incomparable with that of cars in large series. Bound to secrecy, the sellers shall not disclose, never the identity of a client, but can nevertheless slip a few anecdotes relating to a vehicle or a transaction. Stories certainly more exotic than a Nissan Rogue who began his career at Enterprise, and then find a dealer of second-hand vehicles after going through the auction!

One thing is for certain, at a time when Mercedes-Benz are almost as common as the Dodge or Mazda, it is good to dream. And Ferrari, which offers cars inaccessible for most people, we can do it better than anyone else. All this, in an environment designed for the customer, as well as for those who dream to be part of it. Hoping only that the future SUV from the brand comes in to alter this image that we are trying to preserve now for 80 years.

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