“The offended, then rejoice”: Sergey Pertsev admitted as suffering the discontent of the artists

"То обижаются, то радуются": Сергей Перцев признался, как терпит недовольство артистов

Sergey Pertsev

today, 20:05

In Kiev died down the music award of “M1 Music Awards. Five”, which in Ukrainian show business is still spoken with admiration. And for good reason! Stage, lights, sets, sound, computer graphics and production show this year at the highest level. Over 2,000 people worked hard to hold the ceremony of awarding stars at the world level.

As told Znayu General Director of channel M1 Sergey Peppers, the prize of “M1 Music Awards” from the big easy concert turned into a high-tech show.

"То обижаются, то радуются": Сергей Перцев признался, как терпит недовольство артистов

Sergey Pertsev, General Director of channel M1

“Everything is done: approaches, departures of artists, the appearance of the rooms, reloading, many technical decisions and everything is decided clear, not like the first time. If the first time was through a human factor, now everything is already set up as normal in the industry”, – said Peppers.

He noted that for the fifth time the channel shows beautiful and high quality show, but there is one “but”.

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“Question: in what ways is this achieved? It is possible to carry this on their backs, and it is possible that all clearly and on time,” added Peppers.

"То обижаются, то радуются": Сергей Перцев признался, как терпит недовольство артистов

Sergey Pertsev and Nikita Lomakin

This year the show fell on the shoulders of the Director Katya Tsarik. She was assisted by a large team of professionals in this field. The audience saw more than 10 spectacular rooms from the Ukrainian stars. To be fortunate enough not to all, but only the chosen nominee: Tina Karol, group Time and Glass, NK, group MOZGI, Antilam, Sergey Babkin and other artists. As you know, creative people are very Moody, and the higher the star, the higher its requests. None of the music awards is not without offense to some of the stars on the organizers, there are cases even open hostility and conflict due to not having the performance and other aspects of the show.

We asked Sergei Pertseva, as he suffers the displeasure of the actors, which is difficult to avoid.

“This prisutstvet, he said. – We are reputable people, organization, we listen to the stars, and listen to us. Because 16 or 17 numbers, if we build them on a “wishlist” that we will not get anything and the viewer will not get any emotions. The stars are such beings that are offended, then rejoice – all their emotions are very bright. If the star is offended, they need to hear why. To give some kind of compromise.”

According to pepper, if someone from the stars was offended by the canal or on him personally, there’s only one option – to wait for the artist “thaw”.

"То обижаются, то радуются": Сергей Перцев признался, как терпит недовольство артистов

The Performance Of Tina Karol

In addition, Sergey Pertsev shared his expert opinion about who is the top artist in Ukraine.

“Dima Monatic is now in the trend. Alex Potapenko and all of its projects. Just respect these people! All that comes up with Alex – this is going to live, because he puts his soul. I love making Tina,” he said.

Of new names the CEO of M1 anyone not identified, but noted the growth of one popular artist: “MELOVIN surprised! Gathers the Church, I wonder!”

We will remind, earlier Oleg Sobchuk from SKY admitted that upset him the award of “M1 Music Awards. Five.”

In addition to that, you Know.ia published racy photos of Nastya Kamenskih from the red carpet of the award “M1 Music Awards. Five.” Pretty amazed with the unusual outfit with a very unexpected cut.

Also Know As.ia published a full list of celebrity winners of the M1 Music Awards. Unexpectedly special prize “For contribution to development of national music industry” gave the actress-the symbol of the Ukrainian musical space Verka Serduchka.

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