The Offspring on tour in Quebec: fans more than smiling

The Offspring on tour in Quebec: fans more than smiling


American punk rock band The Offspring come to Quebec with their Let the Bad Times Roll tour in Canada. Singer Dexter Holland and guitarist Noodles can't wait to meet their Quebec fans on Friday at the Bell Center and Saturday at the Videotron Center.

To what can we expect from your performance?

Noodles: “We have a lot of new material for this tour. We don't want to reveal everything because we want to keep the surprise for the fans. We are happy to be back on the road after a year and a half of inaction due to the pandemic. It's cool to play in front of the public. »  

What do you like about touring Canada?

Dexter Holland: “He there are Tim Hortons and of course poutine. Seriously, we love performing in Canada. The audience is enthusiastic and they bring a lot of love and energy. It is even more special in Montreal and Quebec. The audiences are even better. »

Are the current shows different, in terms of atmosphere, than before the pandemic?

Noodles: “There is a huge difference. Both the audience and the band are hungry for live music. There are also more smiles on faces than we have ever seen. You can feel that people are happy,” he said.

You have started working on a new album. Is it a little frustrating sometimes to compose new material knowing that the public is more interested in the big hits?

Dexter Holland: We still love the creative work in the studio. It's a big part of who we are. We love our old songs that represent us, but we can't repeat ourselves and do the same things all the time. We try not to think about it too much and do what we feel like doing when we find ourselves in the studio. »

Noodles : «  The Offspring signature is always present in our new songs. People sing them during our shows and one of the strongest audience reactions for this tour is on You're Gonna Go Far, Kid from the album Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. »

Dexter Holland: 2008. She's not that new, he added with a laugh. Behind Your Wall, the second single from our latest album, is getting great reactions. »