The old and the new world

L’ancien et le nouveau monde

It looks like it’s been a century since the last millennium. There are only 20 years old, yet. In this short period of time, the world has changed dramatically due to social networks.

Social networking can be a wonderful tool for communication and information. They can turn on, for example, of the rebellions that are breaking the governments unworthy. They bring people together. They value this. They give their users a sense of belonging to a group or community, and they fill in the loneliness of a million souls lonely during this pandemic.

Their setback is less rosy. Social networks facilitate the bullying. They spread gossip and slander. They sow the working life of the treacherous, unpredictable. They expose the secret gardens, sometimes unspeakable. They encourage cyber crime, pornography, and pedophilia.

I was born in another millennium. I was adult when Quebec has emerged from the great darkness, after 20 years of duplessisme and two centuries of hegemony clerical. As Denise Bombardier and millions of Quebecers, I lived a childhood in the holy water “.


When the valves of the quiet Revolution are open, a wind of freedom has swept away the religious rites, and any notion of sin, leaving us with more than a background of guilt, alas ! stainless. Fellow of the college, which had chosen the cassock and threw her away to join the dance tracks full of new sounds, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

Generous contracts for the tv in your pocket, rookie of full right of a quebec showbiz born, I began to run to the beaches of Ramatuelle, Porquerolles and Cape Cod. We dénudait as in Hair. Very quickly, the sexual actions became a game trivial. For 15 years, Hair sang the love, the sex and the drugs on all the stages of the world. Let the Sunshine In ! It was not a virus, the deadly HIV, to freeze our sexual freedom under a thick sheet of lead, and change our behaviors.


Last Saturday, the daily newspaper Le Devoir published a frontispiece to an article titled The showbiz needs to make its examination of conscience. It seems to me that such a title, it greatly reduces the scope of the examination of conscience to do so. In all professions and in all occupations, one must make an examination of conscience.

A few days earlier, Francine Pelletier, a columnist for the same newspaper, said on RDI that it ” understands the motivations behind the denunciations in the series women on the social networks. But there are other ways to do it, she said, as if speak personally to men faulty “. His recommendation seems to me well advised.

The personal approach of a woman that was offended by words too slight or actions that seem irrelevant yesterday, but are now unacceptable, would surely thousands of men who, like me, love to enough women to make amends and adopt a behavior that suits the new world that is ours.

It may be a coincidence that the COVID-19 can become an agent of change as the HIV at the time. We can’t say… as was felt there was not long ago the advertising of the milk.

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