“The Old Guard”: Charlize Theron returns to action

«The Old Guard»: Charlize Theron renoue avec l’action

In The Old Guard, which aired on Netflix, Charlize Theron will be launched again in a role that is reminiscent of Blonde atomic, Mad Max: the road of chaos or ئon Flux. But this time, it embodies a superhéroïne immortal.

“I trace my own path, I create my opportunities,” said Charlize Theron at Variety , explaining that Marvel and Disney had never approached for a role in their film world. Accustomed to action films – “ئon Flux” date of 2005 –, the actress south african 44-year-old has embarked in the production in order to be able to bring to the screen the stories, and the roles, which is very close to her heart.

The Old Guard (literally “The old guard”), tells the story of a group of mercenaries immortal, absolutely prevent a pharmaceutical company manages to copy their DNA. Andy (Charlize Theron) leads the team members played by Matthias Schoenaerts, Marwan Kenzari, Kiki Layne and Luca Marinelli. Chiwetel Ejiofor embodies, for him, a former agent of the CIA.

The graphic novel the movie…

The screenplay was adapted by Greg Rucka, the author of the graphic novel of the same title, which was discovered by Charlize Theron while she was running Scandal, for which she received a third Oscar nomination.

“I read four pages and I said to myself that it was really interesting. The graphic novel made me feel in a world of science fiction, but it had something very down-to-earth, real, and emotional. The story emotional is a factor to which we have all been sensitive. And this is how it all started, from the graphic novel, and then we’re involved,” said the actress, who is also the producer of the film through her company Denver and Delilah.

In the pages of the Hollywood Reporter, Charlize Theron has deplored the double standard under which the actresses of action movies. Because a woman has no right to the error. “A lot of women do not benefit from a second chance, but when they are men who are in these films and they are a flop at the box-office, it gives them another chance, then another, then another. The route of the chaos came a good decade after ئon Flux […]. It is a pity that we thought, you can take an opportunity, if we do not succeed, but it is the truth. This genre [action films] is without pity for women.”

His past as a dancer has always helped to overcome the difficulties of the choreography of the fights associated with action films. “The martial arts are very similar to the dance and maybe my brain will work well in conditions like these, as the daily discipline. I works very well and I like that kind of structure. I love the physical aspect of self-transcendence. Mentally, I draw a real pleasure.”

Of course, if The Old Guard attracts movie-goers on the platform of dissemination via internet, a rest will come. The end of the film, it has been thought out of in terms of this possibility. But for now, this is the second Blonde atomic which takes time to Charlize Theron. “Yes,” admitted the actress, we are in the early stages of development at this time. And this is one of the good sides of the containment, to be able to work with writers on Zoom. So yes, we are in the process of developing an active a sequel to Blonde atomic.”

The Old Guard is available on Netflix.

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