The oldest mummy in the New world was Indian

                                Древнейшая мумия Нового Света оказалась индейцем

Native Americans, through the court demanded to pay the ancestor’s remains for reburial .

DNA analysis 10600-year-old remains discovered in Spirit cave, Nevada, showed that they belonged to an ancient Indian, not paleoamericans, as previously thought.

Paleoamericans scientists call a poorly known prehistoric human population, which differs from the ancient Indians skull shape. There was a hypothesis that they appeared in North America before the ancient Indians, however, this opening to refute it.

The mummy the Spirit cave discovered in 1940, and in the 1990s, when information about it was leaked to the press, the local Indian tribes Shoshone and Pautov wanted to take the remains of the ancestor, and bury it in accordance with their customs. The scientists refused, citing the fact that genetically the mummy can be paleoamericans, not Indian. The trial lasted almost 18 years. As the DNA analysis confirmed the Indian roots of the mummy, it was necessary to give the indigenous people.

Express info by country

United States of America (USA) – a country in North America.

                                Древнейшая мумия Нового Света оказалась индейцем


                                Древнейшая мумия Нового Света оказалась индейцем

Coat of arms

                                Древнейшая мумия Нового Света оказалась индейцем

Capital – Washington

Largest cities: new York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Philadelphia, Boston, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas

Form of government : Presidential Republic

Territory – 9 519 431 km2 (4th in world)

Population – 321,26 million people (3rd in the world)

Official language – American English

Religion – Protestantism, Catholicism

HDI – 0,915 (8th in the world)

GDP – $17,419 trillion (1st in the world)

Currency – US dollar

Border: Canada, Mexico

In addition to this mummy from Spirit cave, scientists analyzed the DNA of 15 skeletons from North and South America age 500-13000 years. It turned out that all they are genetically similar to the paleo-Indians, and even modern indigenous people.

As reported by “Around the world. Ukraine”, of the Egyptian bird mummy was premature embryo.

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