The oligarchs, patrons and stars of Hollywood: what men Volochkova “catches” on their twines

Олигархи, меценаты и звезды Голливуда: каких мужчин Волочкова "ловит" на свои шпагаты


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Russian prima ballerina Anastasia Volochkova has long ceased to speak as the star of the scene, but it has become a constant character gossip. And this is not surprising because she publicly quarreled with the singer Valeria, a leading Ksenia Sobchak, his mother, in conflict with Rustam Solntseva, driver, housekeeper and nanny to her daughter. And about the stage past Volochkova does resemble that famous twine, which she maniacally performs in the most suitable locations.

However, the biggest story related to numerous lovers of the ballerina, and her love Affairs are legendary.

The first torrid love affair

First boyfriend Anastasia was Nikolai Zubkovsky – grandson of the prima Inna Zubkovski. Rumor has it that Nikolay asked the famous grandma to help passion to gain a foothold in the Mariinsky theatre. Together the lovers did not stay long, however, Sulkowskiego about Volochkova has left pleasant memories: many years later, he called an ex-lover passionate and creative in your intimate life.

Олигархи, меценаты и звезды Голливуда: каких мужчин Волочкова "ловит" на свои шпагаты

The Apple of discord
The following lover ballerina has actually become a bone of contention between Volochkova and Xenia Sobchak, the TV presenter said that the dancer stole her Vyacheslav Leibman. Volochkova, in response obradovalsya that Sobchak has divorced her husband and quit the relationship with Umar Djabrailov, which is a bad influence on her.

In a stellar coterie was spreading rumors about the relationship of the dancer with Leybman, but she insisted that about any novel and out of the question.

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Олигархи, меценаты и звезды Голливуда: каких мужчин Волочкова "ловит" на свои шпагаты

Vyacheslav Leibman and Ksenia Sobchak

But an affair with a Russian entrepreneur Mikhail Jiva Volochkova was not denied, the couple had spent many a pleasant evening hell while lovers bred the problems of the businessman with the law.

Wealthy British

The appearance Volochkova “Sleeping beauty” in London invariably associated with her tumultuous affair with Briton Anthony Kermani. It was said that people even left the family for the love of Russian dancers, even through this many colleagues of Kerman turned away from him. Anthony gave her gifts and engaged in the organization of its tours, but Volochkova was subsequently only call him a good friend and lawyer, helped with cases, but not beloved.

Philanthropist and billionaire

Objected ballerina and communication with the patron Anzori Aksentiev, although a couple were often seen together at social parties.

But billionaire Sergei Polonsky Volochkova called a rare man who has captured her romantic actions. Somehow after the premiere of Swan lake, she discovered in her hotel room a huge bouquet of roses in different shades in the form of a train. Through the flower salon prima managed to find out who her secret admirer. To deny the fan in the meeting she could not.

Олигархи, меценаты и звезды Голливуда: каких мужчин Волочкова "ловит" на свои шпагаты

Sergei Polonsky and Anastasia

Mad jealous

The most controversial novel of the ballerina was the relationship with Suleiman Kerimov. The oligarch was insanely jealous and all three years that he met Anastasia, paid detectives that were watching her. But the lovers are separated for a different reason.

“Mother ruined my life when I was with Suleiman Kerimov. She made me get an abortion,” admitted the dancer in the air “battle of the psychics”.

Олигархи, меценаты и звезды Голливуда: каких мужчин Волочкова "ловит" на свои шпагаты

After experiencing a personal tragedy, Volochkova left tycoon. The businessman took the incident extremely painful, and Anastasia even believed that he had a hand in her dismissal from the Bolshoi theatre.

Fictitious husband

Special place in love biography Volochkova took Igor Vdovin, with whom she had a daughter Ariadne. Entrepreneur and prima held together for four years. Bright outputs of the pair in SWT, photo shoots and luxurious wedding, which they celebrated in two cities, was only a beautiful facade, behind which was hiding a serious problem. Between the spouses began rubbing and quarrel, and later Anastasia admitted that the marriage was a sham: at the ceremony, they signed blank forms. After the break Volochkova filed to Vdovin claims for three million dollars.

Олигархи, меценаты и звезды Голливуда: каких мужчин Волочкова "ловит" на свои шпагаты

Igor Vdovin left Volochkova to the yoga instructor that has hit the self esteem of a ballerina. To heal the wounds helped her dancer Rinat Arthurn. The husband was very respectful of the stars, and behaved nobly when she found a new darling, the head of the company on oil transportation Bakhtiyar Salimova.

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