The “olympic souvenirs” of Marie-José Turcotte

Les «souvenirs olympiques» de Marie-José Turcotte

MONTREAL | the planet sports is preparing actively for the Tokyo olympic Games this summer, but the pandemic and the containment have cancelled all the efforts. The event has been postponed to next year and many of the broadcasters, which were to cover the competitions, have had to find alternatives. Instead of distributing 14 portraits of athletes or teams in route to Tokyo, HERE Radio-Canada Télé has chosen instead to present a series of “olympic souvenirs”, with the comments of Marie-José Turcotte, the Saturday at 18: 30.

Marie-José, how did you make the choice moments of the olympic that is featured in this issue?

The idea was to take the moments that gathered a little bit of all of the world. It has, for example, recently spoke of the victory of Nadia Comaneci at the 1976 olympic Games. It is interesting just to see the pictures of Montreal and of Montreal at the time. This type of program lets you relive moments olympic games, but also to re-examine a period of the past. At the time, it’s even Radio-Canada, which had provided the tv signal to the whole world. It is interesting to review Jean Pagé in its infancy, see Pierre Dufour still young, or hear Raymond Lebrun, who describes the gym. It makes us relive a piece of our history. In addition, the victory of Nadia Comaneci has really marked the spirits, she became the star of these Games.

Have you only selected moments of the summer Games?

No, our selection was first the landmark event by saying that there would be certainly no follow-up to this series. But we realize that people enjoy to see these images. The ratings are good. We would very much like to do a sequel, but there is nothing official to announce at the moment.

How do you live the current situation where there are no longer really a sport for several months?

There is nothing more now, not just sport. Fortunately, everything is getting back to normal little by little. Our newsletter and daily sports will resume from the 6th of July. The MLS will start soon, the NBA will resume a little later, the hockey and tennis too. Initially, it will happen behind closed doors, but there will be results and pictures to present, so we will be there.

That is what will happen with the olympic Games in Tokyo, next year?

We are going to see, especially if there is a second wave or not. We are going to be more fixed in the month of September. Tokyo wants to make a lot of changes and, in particular, to bring the Games to a dimension that is much more modest. But I don’t know how they can do that. They talked about an opening ceremony less important, but at the level of sports, it is difficult to make it smaller.

Is it that there could be the olympic Games without an audience, for example?

It is always possible. The scenario has been mentioned, but the organizing committee was not very favourable to the idea, as it would be a lot of money in the least. By next year, we will already have experience of sports that will take place in stadiums with empty or low capacity, it will therefore have a expertise on that side. We could also possibly ask to broadcasters around the world don’t move, and everyone would make comments competitions in his country. We’ll know more in the next few months.

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