The Omicron variant now largely predominant in the United States

The Omicron variant now largely predominant in the United States

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The Omicron variant has become a large majority in the United States, accounting for 73.2% of new COVID-19 infections in the week ending December 18, according to data from US health authorities.

The highly transmissible Omicron quickly gained the upper hand over the Delta variant. The week before, it accounted for just 12.6% of new infections.

It now accounts for up to 96.3% of new cases in three states in the northwestern United States (Oregon , Washington and Idaho), according to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control.

In another group of southeastern states, including Florida, Alabama and Georgia, 95 , 2% of new infections are due to Omicron, a similar proportion in other parts of the country.

First detected in November in southern Africa, Omicron has caused widespread concern and hardening health restrictions across the world.

The United States is not, however, considering “containment” for the moment, said the spokeswoman of the American executive Jen Psaki, on the eve of 'a long-awaited speech from Joe Biden on his administration's response to this new epidemic wave.

“We're going to have difficult weeks or months for me sure that we are approaching winter, “warned the White House adviser on the health crisis, Anthony Fauci, on Sunday, worrying about the number of Americans still unvaccinated.

The mayor of London announced Monday the cancellation of New Year's festivities planned in its city, and the World Economic Forum, which was scheduled to meet January 17-21 in Davos, Switzerland, has been postponed.

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