The operation captured a large quantity of narcotics

The anti-drug operation carried out by the Sherbrooke Police Service on Wednesday resulted in a large quantity of narcotics.
The gold of the seven house searches in Sherbrooke, Montreal and Hatley Township, investigators seized 2546 methamphetamine tablets, 16 grams of cocaine, 1.6 kg of marijuana and hashish.

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The police also discovered $ 95,200 in cash, as well as a loaded 9mm weapon, which had been reported stolen, three rifles and ammunition.
Vehicles were seized as good from crime.
Four individuals whose alleged head of state Nicolas Bergeron, 26, have already appeared in court.
Bergeron as well as Nicolas Lapointe and Félix Brouillet-Nadeau remain detained for the moment.

Three others were arrested during the operation, including at least one who was released on a promise to appear.
The police struck on Dauversière Street at Bergeron, on Élaine-C.-Poirier Street, Gaspé and Mimi-Shea Streets in Sherbrooke, on Des Ormeaux Street in Montreal and on Smith Road in the Township of Hatley.
Approximately 50 police officers from the Sherbrooke Police Service and its intervention group, the Montreal Police Service and the Regional Joint Squad participated in this major operation.

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