The opposition press Quebec to claim a refund of the airlines

L’opposition presse Québec de réclamer un remboursement des compagnies aériennes

The opposition parties in the national Assembly urging the government of François Legault to require that airlines such as Air Canada and Air Transat, respect the law and pay back their customers whose trips have been cancelled.

“(People) need now is money because we live in a difficult situation at the economic level. Pay off the consumer, ( … ), has asked on Thursday the leader of the Parti québécois, Pascal Bérubé. All these people who don’t have the money they had earned to go on the journey deserve the refund. It happens in many other sectors, why it would not be the case in aviation?”

Not to travel credit

Because of the pandemic of the COVID-19 and the closures of the borders of most countries that followed, tens of thousands of Quebecers have been able to enjoy travel by plane they had purchased.

While in Europe, in particular the governments, are forcing carriers to reimburse passengers before we discuss any support from the State, the airlines here only offer credits on trips to use at a later date.

The liberal member for Anjou-Louis-Riel, Lise Thériault, also spurred the government on this issue. “Here, in Quebec, customers who ask to be reimbursed are not. (…) It’s been over two months that I’ve alerted the government about the Quebecers who want to be reimbursed (…) Quebecers have had enough waiting and want an answer. The question is simple : consumers in quebec will it take to get their money, yes or no?

  • LISTEN to the interview of Lise Thériault to the show up There on the hill on QUB radio:

The leader of the government caquiste, Simon Jolin Barrette, has sought to be reassuring by saying to work to the establishment of a “mechanism” that could allow the refund desired of Quebec.

Companies before you the consumer?

In support of his colleague, the minister of Economy and Innovation, Pierre Fitzgibbon, argued that airlines and travel agencies also lived some of the difficulties that he had to take into account.

“We need to find a balance for the consumer because we are caught up with situations of companies that could go bankrupt, said the minister Fitzgibbon. Then, it is in balance (between) what is good for the consumer and what is good for the travel agents. (…) We are concerned about the travel agents who are likely to go bankrupt, and then, at the same time, consumers have the right to have a flexible credit.”

Billions accumulated

The mp Thériault recalled that Air Canada currently has 2.6 billion (G) of dollars in its coffers. Air Transat, it would be 809 Million dollars. “The two sets have$ 3.4 billion in money ringing which do not belong to them. The money, he is there. It has not disappeared.”

During this time, consumers who have used their credit card “will be required to pay interest at over 20 % for trips that they will never have. This is not normal”.

In scrum, the mna Bérubé has admitted to not having much sympathy for Air Canada and not worry for their future. “People have made up to $ 3,000 to pay a small vacancy in which they have the right (..) and then they would have to finance the activity of Air Canada? No. We speak on behalf of consumers (…) I want to make a common front in the national Assembly today with all the political parties to send a strong message to Ottawa.”

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