The opposition regrets the absence of a plan for the school catch-up

L’opposition déplore l’absence de plan pour le rattrapage scolaire

If they welcome the health measures that will govern the return to classes, the opposition parties lament the absence of a plan for the school catch-up.

“We have seen a minister of Education tell us about sanitary measures, logistics, management measures, which was necessary and urgent. But I’m still waiting for a minister of Education who will be concerned, first and foremost, or all, of the health teaching of students in Quebec and that will make a real priority of support for pupils, the catch-up. Today, we have not heard a word on the subject,” responded the mp pq’s Véronique Hivon on the plan of the school year, revised government Legault.

At the unveiling Monday, the minister Jean-Francois Roberge has ensured that the educational component would be dealt with “later.”

But time is of the essence, considers the mp solidarity Christine Labrie. “I’m a little in shock that the minister of Education does not realize that its mandate, it is the success of the students,” she insists.

The elected of Sherbrooke acknowledges that the QCA has responded to several concerns of parents about the health measures that will be implemented in the schools. But, she says, concerns remain as to the success of the students and the catch-up school for those who have accumulated delays during the confinement.

Masks free

The liberal Marwah Rizqy has the same concerns. The latter is also concerned for the children of vulnerable families, who will not necessarily have the means to procure cover-faces. Schools should provide free masks, including the institutions that are in neighborhoods more disadvantaged, she believes.

“I cannot explain that to be able to make a big campaign to distribute masks in the metro with the Montreal Canadiens, but that one is not able to distribute masks free in the Education network, while we know very well that there are many vulnerable families who do not necessarily have the means to buy,” she said.

Lack of teachers

Liberals, pq members and solidarity are all of the opinion that there will be a shortage of teachers for the revised plan to the minister of Education can be properly implemented and means.

“By comparison, in Ontario, they have unlocked a budget of$ 300 Million for the school network to respond to the challenges of COVID-19 overall, including$ 80 Million just to the pedagogical aspects and the hiring of additional staff. In Quebec, we will have us believe that all that can be done without additional resources?” has launched the mp pq’s Véronique Hivon.


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