The oppositions will have to stand out

The oppositions must stand out

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Since the opening speech delivered by François Legault on October 19, the long electoral campaign has really kicked off the long election campaign that will punctuate the coming months in Quebec.

If everyone agrees that the environment will be the main issue of the campaign, it cannot be the only one and the oppositions will have a lot to do to stand out.

Parti Québécois

Before even considering the general election, the PQ will absolutely have to win the by-election in the riding of Marie-Victorin, left vacant by Catherine Fournier. If Chef Paul St-Pierre Plamondon does not show up, he will at least have found a more than competitive candidate in the person of Pierre Nantel. & Nbsp;

The challenge will be great, since popular support for the CAQ continues unabated, even in the strongholds of other parties.


Quebec Solidaire comes out of its weekend congress with a handful of ambitious environmental commitments … perhaps too many. The left is often criticized for not being realistic; we will definitely do that during this campaign. & nbsp;

The QSistes' proposals point to degrowth as a solution to the challenges of reducing GHG emissions and to those of transformations in the world of work. Add this to all the discussions raised by the extremist factions of the party and we do not really want to give them power.


The challenge will also be immense for the Liberals, who will meet in convention next weekend.

The Barrette-Montpetit affair, the many elected officials who do not intend to run for office. new (including Gaétan Barrette) and the economic ground grabbed by the CAQ will give Dominique Anglade a hard time. liberal values ​​to consolidate their achievements and convince interesting candidates to wear their colors in 2022. & nbsp;

 The oppositions must be distinguished

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